Attic Insulation

Sealing and insulating the "envelope" or "shell" of your home is often the most cost effective way to improve energy efficiency and comfort.

-U.S. Department of Energy

Save On Your Utility Bills

Proper Attic Insulation can keep a house cooler during Summer and warmer during Winter. Attic Insulation is a highly cost effective way to bring a higher level of comfort to your home.

Do you reach for a blanket when it gets chilly? Do you look for some shade when it gets hot? Of course we all do it because we like to be comfortable! Adding attic insulation to a minimum of R30 or 12" will put a "blanket" over your home in the Winter and keep that heat in, reducing your heating bill up to 30%! Likewise in the Summertime insulation provides the much needed "shade", shielding your home from the intense heat of your attic, reducing your cooling bill up to 30%!

When you spend energy and money daily to heat and cool the air just to have it escape, that's wasted fuel and dollars. Additional attic insulation can help reduce your utility bills, all year long.

We can check your home's insulation levels and provide new insulation to meet current Department of Energy guidelines for insulation energy efficiency. Tax Credits and Gas Company Rebates may even be available for the purchase of insulation products and can help you save significantly. Simply schedule an appointment now and we'll be happy to explain everything you need to know about current insulation tax credits, rebates and offers available.

attic insulation
attic insulation
attic insulation
About Insulation Products

Insulation is rated in terms of thermal resistance, called R-value. The R-value indicates the resistance to heat flow of the insulating material. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power. Since heat rises, an inadequately insulated attic allows the heat from the living space of your house to escape. There are several types of insulation products that are used in upgrading existing home insulation.

If your Home is over 15 years old it's likely that your current attic insulation (if any) is less than 50% of what is recommended by today's building standards and the U.S. Department of Energy.

Benefits of Insulation:
  • • Save Up To 30% On Heating & Cooling Costs
  • • Federal Tax Credit Now Available!
  • • Gas Company Rebates Now Available
  • • Increased Home Value
  • • Environmentally Friendly
  • • Fire Retardant / Class 1A Fire Rating
  • • Rodent & Insect Resistant
  • • Absorbs Unwanted Noise
  • • Reduce Greenhouse Gases