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Erica Mills

Service Club Member Concierge


Meet Your Membership Concierge

Position Overview:

The Service Club Member Concierge position has been developed as an additional resource for our Service Club Members by providing them with a "One Stop" place to go for any questions, needs or concerns regarding their V.I.P. Service Club Membership.

Also, to provide our Service Club Members with world class experience by greeting and attending to their requirements building a strong relationship with them through specialized, personalized and preferential V.I.P. Service Club Membership guest services.

Finally to make sure that all of our Service Club Members are taking full advantage of all of the many benefits (see list below) they are entitled to as an owner of a V.I.P. Service Club Membership.

Service Club Membership Benefits:

  • • Two Manufacturer recommended Precision Tune-Up Safety Inspections Annually4
  • • Firebox Infrared Camera Inspection
  • • FREE Air Filters & Maintenance Supplies
  • • FREE Service Reminders
  • • Your Own “Personal” Technician1
  • • Validates Equipment Warranty
  • • Lifetime Parts & Labor Warranty on Repairs2
  • • Safety & Peace of Mind
  • • Utility Savings Guarantee (Go Green)3
  • • Better Indoor Air Quality
  • • 20% Labor & Repair Discount
  • • Same-Day Repair Guarantee
  • • Money-Back Guarantee

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