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Do You Need An Air Purifier?

Is regular cleaning of your vents enough to control the level of pollutants inside your house?  The simple answer, unfortunately, is no. Why Do You Need An Air Purifier? The air inside your home can become more polluted than the atmosphere outside, and that’s pretty much a given, since the Los Angeles Basin is topping the survey charts from …Read More

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Air Conditioner Replacement – Why Now Might Be a Good Time

How long has your air conditioner been cooling your home through the hot summers? If it has been summer-toasted during the morning and rapidly cooled at night for only-you-know how many years, it might be time to replace it. Is It the Right Time? — How Can You Know? Your air conditioner inhales the atmospheric air of your home, filters it of …Read More

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Can You Do Solar Power in San Fernando Valley?

The San Fernando Valley is hot during the summer, on that we can all agree. And even though our air conditioners keep us cool, all of us have one worry dangling over our heads — the seasonal bills. Wouldn’t it be nice if the scorching heat can do more than just toast your HVAC’s external equipment, the rooftop, and the walls. What if your HVAC could …Read More

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