Air Conditioner Replacement – Why Now Might Be a Good Time

new air conditionerHow long has your air conditioner been cooling your home through the hot summers? If it has been summer-toasted during the morning and rapidly cooled at night for only-you-know how many years, it might be time to replace it.

Is It the Right Time? — How Can You Know?

Your air conditioner inhales the atmospheric air of your home, filters it of pollutants, controls its moisture levels, and conditions it to comfortable thermal levels. This demands mechanical effort on behalf of its cooling coils, the compressor and coolants, the fan, and the electronic equipment. Your AC has no doubt gone through several maintenance checks, had its coolants refilled, equipment serviced, and some parts tossed out — to be replaced with newer technology. This might mean that your air conditioner is getting old and inefficient.
You’ll know it is time to replace when:

  • It Is More Than 10 Years Old – Latest government energy consumption regulations now call for air conditioning equipment to earn the ENERGY STAR label. Replacing your AC will automatically increase you SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) that can save up to 20% of air conditioner costs.
  • Your Equipment Needs Frequent Repairs – The rapid heating and cooling during the summers is a fact in the Los Angeles Basin. This is due to the atmospheric inversion that traps particulate matter and creates a thick layer of smog for the rest of the year. The heat build up throughout the day decreases the efficiency of your cooling equipment. Repairing the equipment only brings in newer components, which alone cannot increase the efficiency of ailing equipment. The best long lasting, and comfortable solution is to replace the old equipment with a new one — in which every component will deliver utmost efficiency.
  • Some Rooms In Your Home Are Too Hot or Too Cold – This is caused by inadequate insulation or duct problems, and improper equipment operation.
  • Your Score On The HOME ENERGY YARDSTICK Is Below Five – A low HEY score means your equipment is inefficiently using energy and as a result burdening you with higher bills.

Summer is officially here in two days. You need the cooling — and if your AC unit is not in proper shape and needs replacing, now is the time to do it.

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