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Old Raditor Furnace
To Keep or Not to Keep: Top 3 Problems of Owning an Old Furnace

Homeowners often pay more attention to aesthetics and comfort instead of safety. It’s evident in the way they prefer dealing with noisy pipes and chipping paint over a faulty furnace. Who can blame them though? A problem in the heat source isn’t that easy to detect. It’s not advisable to do DIY inspections and repairs as well. If you’re …Read More

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10 Things To Check Before Turning On Your Furnace

We are entering the colder months of the year, and it’s about time you bring out your furnace and have it running. The furnace could have developed small technical issues and problems having being left unused all through the summer. These issues and problems can have an effect on the furnace’s performance, causing a reduction in its efficiency and …Read More

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