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Service Club Membership Terms & Conditions

Congratulations for investing in the most comprehensive Service Club Membership Program available. Our membership entitles you to a wide range of attractive benefits, including priority service and discounts. Eligibility for your Service Club Member discounts is contingent on your membership having been in good standing for at least six months.

The Company agrees to provide you with the necessary labor and maintenance materials to perform a comprehensive Precision Tune-Up & Professional Cleaning of the equipment indicated on this agreement after all existing defects are corrected. It does not include parts, labor, repairs or materials except maintenance labor and materials (such as air filters lubrication and cleaning supplies) necessary to perform the required maintenance procedures.

Any repairs required will be brought to the customer’s attention and will be billed to the customer on a flat rate basis. The Company shall use ordinary care in performing the tasks outlined in this agreement. No Precision Tune-Up & Professional Cleaning shall guarantee the condition of the equipment or eliminate obsolescence and normal wear.

Annual Scheduled Service4: Included in your membership is one Precision AC Tune-Up and Professional Cleaning and one Precision Heating Tune-Up and Professional Cleaning. We will attempt to contact you by mail, telephone or e-mail to schedule your free maintenance. If you fail to take advantage of these benefits, these annual Precision Tune-Ups & Professional Cleanings are lost for the applicable annual period and have no monetary value, and are not a contractual component of this agreement.

Ongoing Membership: Your membership will continue to automatically renew month-to-month unless you cancel your membership or we terminate it.

Recurring Billing: By starting your Service Club Membership and providing or designating a Payment Method, you authorize us to charge you a monthly membership price at the then current price or trail price by either Automatic Credit Card Debit or Automatic Bank Draft. Customer understands that the monthly fee will continue until a written notice of cancellation is received at the corporate office. Monthly fees may be subject to an annual price increase. In such event, customer will be notified by mail before any price increase occurs.

Customer Right To Cancel: Customer may cancel this agreement at any time by contacting the company and requesting a cancellation form. Customer is to fill out form and send it back to the Company. Once received by the Company customer will receive a cancellation confirmation number for their records. Membership will remain in full effect until a cancellation confirmation number is issued.

Company’s Right To Cancel: Company reserves the right to immediately terminate this agreement. If there is a remaining balance, customer will receive a prorated refund.

Transferability: If the customer moves, this agreement is transferable to their new home as long as the new home is still within our service area.

Billing Cycles: The first monthly payment is collected at the time of service. After that, monthly payments for membership will be collected based on the date of commencement as a Service Club Member:

• Commencement Dates of 1st – 10th will be billed on the 11th of the following month.

• Commencement Dates of 11th – 20th will be billed on the 21st of the following month.

• Commencement Dates of 21st – 31st will be billed on the 1st of the following month.

Service Club Membership Includes

Two Manufacturer recommended Precision Tune-Up Safety Inspections Annually4 One for your furnace & water heater & one for your air conditioner by a factory trained technician of your choice.

FREE Air Filters & Maintenance Supplies Needed to reactivate your air filtration system, to include (depending on your system’s air filtration level) high-efficiency media filter, activated carbon cell & ultra-violet germicidal light.

FREE Service Reminders We contact you as to when each scheduled service is due.

20% Labor & Repair Discount You will receive a 20% discount off our normal rates for any labor & repairs.

Your Own “Personal” Technician1 Most of our clients are more comfortable seeing the same Technician each year, so you have the privilege of choosing which one of our service technicians you would prefer.

Validates Equipment Warranty All heating & air conditioning manufacturers require their equipment to have scheduled tune-up inspections & will void the warranty if not performed.

Lifetime Parts & Labor Warranty on Repairs2 As long as you are a Service Club Member if your air conditioner or furnace breaks down & needs repairs for any reason & is repaired by us, we’ll guarantee the repair for the life of the equipment.

Safety & Peace of Mind Our Service Club Membership provides a safer environment for your family by performing special safety checks that help guard against deadly carbon monoxide leaks, natural gas leaks & fires.

Utility Savings Guarantee (Go Green)3 We guarantee the savings on your utility bills will easily pay for our Service Club Membership or your money back! Plus, conserving energy helps protect the environment by removing greenhouse gas emissions.

Better Indoor Air Quality The air you breathe will be fresher & cleaner (less dusting too!) because of our (included) air filtration replacement service.

Same-Day Repair Guarantee You are now a “PRIORITY CUSTOMER”, you go to the head of the line. If you call before 12:00 noon we guarantee same day repair or the diagnostic charge is FREE.

$100.00 Yearly Credit Rewards on Repairs or Replacement5 For each year you own a Service Club Membership with us you will accrue a $100.00 credit that can be used towards future equipment repairs and/or equipment replacement.

Firebox Infrared Camera Inspection A yearly inspection of your furnaces firebox is performed using a High Definition Infrared Camera that can detect even the smallest of cracks. The smallest crack or rupture in a firebox can cause Carbon Monoxide to leak into the air stream which can lead to serious illness or even death.

Transferability If the customer moves, this agreement is transferable to their new home as long as the new home is still within our service area.

Money-Back Guarantee Try this amazing service for one year. If you’re not satisfied for any reason your entire investment will be refunded. No Questions Asked. YOU CAN’T LOSE!


1 The company will do its best to send out the customers preferred technician but cannot always guarantee availability.

2 The parts & labor costs to perform any repairs are not included and are extra. After the paid repair is performed the lifetime warranty will apply only to the repair performed by the company. Warranty excludes compressors, heat exchangers, coils and Freon leaks.

3 Minus indoor air quality parts & labor used.

4 Heating only systems receive one Precision Heating Tune-Up and Professional Cleaning per year.

5 Up to $300.00 maximum credit.

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